It’s All Connected

The Swing Catalyst App, the Swing Catalyst Online portal and the Swing Catalyst video analysis software make up the ecosystem that connects the golfer to the instructor.

Swing Catalyst App

The Swing Catalyst App lets you record, analyse and compare your swings.

Sensor Plates

With the Balance Plate and 3D Motion Plate you can measure parameters not captured by any camera.

Video Analysis Software

We can offer a wide range of different video studio solutions. With or without additional hardware such as sensor plates and ball/club tracking devices.

Swing Catalyst

The Swing Catalyst system is a comprehensive, affordable yet powerful video analysis software package praised by coaches around the world for its user friendliness


Great for Golfers

Whether you practice by yourself or with an instructor, Swing Catalyst has the tools needed to get better and improve faster.

Practice on your own

The free Swing Catalyst App is a great tool if you practice on your own and want some feedback on your swing. The App lets you record your swings, and you can choose if you want to do your own analysis or send your swing to an instructor. In the Swing Catalyst video analysis software your instructor is able to record a video lesson that includes comments, drawings and drills which is instantly sent back to you. If you have purchased the Swing Catalyst video analysis software you can access the swings recorded by the App via the free Swing Catalyst Online account, and do your own analysis at any time. Swing Catalyst Online stores all your swings, video lessons and drills, and lets you access them at any time, from anywhere.

Practice with an Instructor

Swing Catalyst provides a range of tools for the instructors to help you get better and improve faster.The free Swing Catalyst Online account is a great platform for you to communicate with your instructor and access all the data recorded by your instructor. An instructor that has the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate or – the 3D Motion Plate, and a tracking device, can share all this data with you via your personal Online account.Your instructor is able to upload all your swings, drills and video lessons directly to your Online account from his or her Swing Catalyst video analysis software. This way you can review your swings and the tasks given to you by the instructor when you get home, and come fully prepared for the next lesson. You can also download all these videos to your App and thus have access to them at any time even when you are offline.

Awesome for Instructors

Swing Catalyst provides state-of-the-art swing analysis tools for instructors working on the driving range or in a studio facility.

On the Range

Swing Catalyst helps instructors to add value to their lessons, regardless if the lessons take place on the driving range or in a studio facility.

Instructors working on the range typically use the Swing Catalyst App on their phone or tablet, or they can use the portable Swing Catalyst video studio. The portable video studio includes a laptop specifically designed for outdoor use, an ultra light high-speed camera that provides excellent video images, and of course the Swing Catalyst software. It is also possible to add the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate, and a launch monitor to supercharge the lessons on the range. The data from the Balance Plate and the launch monitor is perfectly synchronized with the video images and stored as one single file. This data can easily be shared with the students via their free Swing Catalyst Online account in just a click.

In a Studio

Swing Catalyst offers a range of tools for the instructor working at a studio facility, whether it is a garage bay, an indoor swing studio or a simulator.

An instructor working in a studio setting can choose to use up to 4 fully synchronized cameras simultaneously, add the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate or the 3D Motion Plate, and even integrate data from a launch monitor. All these elements are perfectly synchronized and integrated in the Swing Catalyst software. These teaching tools can also be integrated in a Full Swing Golf simulator, so it is possible to enjoy “real golf” indoors combined with our state of the art swing analysis system.

All video and data recorded in a Swing Catalyst studio can easily be shared with the student via their free Swing Catalyst Online account.

Our Take

Swing Catalyst Studio sets the stage for fast progress. It gives golf instructors a golden opportunity to provide their clients with a positive and inspiring learning experience, a driving force behind the golf instruction industry. There are no wires, no body sensors, just instant totally reliable feedback. The Swing Catalyst Studio is the first 3D force plate system that is fully integrated with video and launch monitor data. It is a complete swing analysis package that synchronizes video images with real time force plate measurements and ball flight data. This seamless integration paves the way for unparalleled game improvement and is a leap forward in user friendliness.

How it works

Swing Catalyst works by seamlessly integrating a force plate (1) with video analysis software (5) and an optional Flightscope launch monitor (3). The force plate is housed in a tee unit (2) covered with artificial turf. Up to four video cameras (4) record every motion and send feedback directly to the feedback screen (6) and the instructor’s workstation (5). The Swing Catalyst Force Plate enables you to view a student’s centre of gravity, stance and pressure distribution both live and recorded, in real time and in slow motion. Additional data on rotational force, tempo and rhythm are available at your fingertips once the swing has been captured. Easy-to-understand visualization of data lets you observe subtle aspects of the golf swing which are not visible to the naked eye.

Highlights at a glance

• Complete studio suite with custom hardware solutions including optional video cameras, computer, displays, launch monitor, cables, hitting turf and more
• Unique force plate which measures vital, but often overlooked aspects of the swing: Rotation, Stance, Weight Shift and Balance
• High speed camera support
• Launch monitor support
• User friendly software with seamless integration of all components
• Streamlined workflow designed specifically for golf instruction
• Automatic swing capture
• User friendly database
• Support for up to 4 cameras
• Feedback screen
• Side by side comparison mode
• Access to world class professional golf swings with complete Swing Catalyst Force Plate data
• Flexible and efficient illustration tools
• Powerful import/export capabilities

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